Fulbright Network Announces Winners of the “International Financial Institutions (IFIs) in the New Global Economy” Competition

Ten proposals were short-listed and pitched to the CEO’s office of the World Bank. Three out of ten were further selected to present in front of the committees formed by the Strategic Initiatives Unit jointly with the Fulbright Network. We would like to express special thank you to all the members of the respective committees and congratulations to the winners:

  • “Using Behavioral Sciences to Improve the Quality and Diversity of Staff” by Julie Perng, Renos Vakis and Varun Gauri
  • “Using Drones for Project Supervision for Improved Integrity, The Wingman” by Alexandra Manea and Roberta Berzero
  • “Creating a Database of Structural Reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa” by Olga Bespalova and Julie Saty Lohi

To learn more about the “International Financial Institutions (IFIs) in the New Global Economy” Competition, please contact us. To submit your proposal to next rounds, please register.

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