From Virtual Lunch & Coffee Series Corner: How To Be Happier At Work

On May 6th we conducted a webinar “How to be Happier at Work”. Subjective well-being, the scientific terminology for “happiness,” has been shown to have significant benefits for our lives. Throughout the human history, religion, philosophy, literature and science (neuroscience, genetics, psychology) tried to understand what are the factors that contribute to happiness. Positive psychology identifies the importance of a biological set point (50%) that is genetically determined and underlines the importance of life conditions (10%) and intentional activities (40%) in designing a happy life.

In this 90-minute webinar our guest, Ioana Manea, PhD., International Master Trainer and Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) discussed, while drawing on the insights of positive psychology, what life circumstances (life events, occupational status, relationships) are worth striving for and which intentional activities (the wide variety of things that we do and think in our daily lives that requires some degree of effort to enact) are more relevant for increasing our happiness level. There is no such thing as multitasking, brain is just switching with a higher frequency from one task to another which leads to higher stress among other things – said Ms. Manea.

In particular, she focused on three activities that have been proven to contribute to a sustainable increase in well-being in the context of work – frequent states of flow, finding & creating meaning and using our signature strengths. Participants were offered the opportunity to take a free test to identify their signature strengths and additional resources to learn more about how they can make the most out of their strengths in developing their careers and bringing more joy and meaning in their lives.

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